ESA Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

ESA Free Contact Numbers

The ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) is a welfare association in the UK designed to help financially those people who are unable to find an employment due to disability or long-term illness.

If you want to make a claim from ESA, you will need a certificate to prove that you are unfit for work. You can then get either contribution based ESA funds if you’ve paid enough contributions to National Insurance or income based ESA funds if you are a zero or low-income earner.

ESA Customer Service Number

The free ESA customer service number is 0800 055 6688. Call this number for general enquiries including new or existing benefit claims or to otherwise apply to the ESA program.

ESA Payments Phone Number

There is also the ESA payments phone number 0800 023 4888, that helps people with speech or hearing disabilities successfully reach the ESA customer service support. This number offerstext for all similar enquiries or to make a claim or payment.

ESA Welsh Phone Number

The third alternate line is for people who wish to coordinate with customer care in Welsh. The ESA Welsh number 0800 012 1888 serves that purpose. If that number is busy, the Welsh phone number for after hours is 0800 678 3696.

ESA Northern Ireland Contact Number

For Northern Ireland customers, contact numbers can be found on their government-run website or alternatively call 0800 085 6318 to make new claims or for general enquirIes.

ESA General Enquiries

For all other enquirIes, contact ESA customer service via text messaging through the number 0800 328 3419. Note, however, that this number is reserved for people with speech or hearing impairments.

ESA Vodafone Customers

Vodafone customers can also reach the ESA customer care team through the number  0800 678 3682,  which is the DWP (Department for Works and Pension) helpline.

Alternative ESA Contact Numbers

ESA New Claims and  Existing Claim

If you need to discuss the availability of any of the claims they offer or your eligibility for them, you can contact the ESA service support number 0345 608 8545

ESA claims telephone numbers are also given to discuss any of the claim details or if you need to intimate the department about any changes in your work or income. Like if you are under the coverage of job seeker allowance, income support or incapacity benefit, you can contact the service team at ESA at the service support number 0345 608 8545.

The number 0345 608 8551 is reserved for texts only and for customers who prefer to speak in Welsh, the relevant ESA contact number is 0345 600 3018

ESA Text Messaging Service

You can be in touch with an ESA customer service agent using simple text messaging. This special contact number is  0300 123 3012 .

ESA Maternity Allowance

For queries regarding already existing ESA maternity allowance claims, you can call the number 0345 608 8610. For hearing impaired please use the text support phone 0345 608 8553.

For Welsh speaking customers, the ESA Maternity telephone number 0345 608 8674 is also free to call.

Any other ESA claim numbers can be found on the government-run website. Before you call any of these numbers, however, ensure you have your national insurance number together with any valid documents. You may also be requested to state your date of birth for reference purposes. There are three primary ways to confirm or otherwise get your insurance number:

  • It can usually be found on your payslip, P60 or tax return.
  • You can visit the government website, and fill out the necessary forms.
  • The insurance office is also accessible over the phone through the following ESA phone number 0300 200 3502, or 0300 200 3519 from 8.30am to 5 pm on weekdays.

ESA Jobcentre Plus Complaint Helpline

Complaints regarding Jobcentre plus can also be forwarded to the ESA complaints direct line at 0345 604 3719. You can also contact them through the number 0345 608 8551, which is reserved for texting only.

ESA Jobcentre  Number

If have difficulties in downloading or printing the form or your enquiry is a sensitive and/or urgent matter, you should phone them on their direct  ESA jobcentre number 0345 604 3349. Non-urgent enquiries can be forwarded to the email and will take up to 10 business days for processing and reply.

To call regarding the availability of a job, details regarding an advertised employment, open positions and to check the calling rates on any of the ESA numbers, you should visit the online portal for relevant details and instructions.

ESA claim forms can also be acquired online. They are available for download. The form is required to be filed with all the relevant details and sent to the Job Centre Plus office.

The ESA helpline number for Minicom is 0345 604 0523. Your message will be forwarded to the online support team and responded to as promptly as possible. Please note, however, that this number is exclusively for texting regarding technical difficulties.

ESA Benefits and Pension Service Complaints

Complaints regarding the pension service offered by ESA can be forwarded to the same physical address. Otherwise, through the call on the phone number you can call the ESA Benefits and Pension number 0345 606 0265.

If you prefer not to be put on hold as they deal with other customers, you can locate the nearest pension service centre through their website.

ESA Complaint Follow-Up

If still in doubt or are still confused, you can visit the ESA website for a detailed explanation on how the complaint procedure is handled.

The complaints team tries to respond and rectify all complaints as soon as possible, but if you still aren’t satisfied with the results, you can approach an Independent Case Examiner to investigate the matter by calling 0345 606 0777.

ESA Abroad

If you are outside the UK and still wish to contact the support team, you can still reach them through the ESA abroad number +44 151 221 6500.


If you want to fax the letter of complaint use the special ESA Fax phone number 0151 221 6601. If you are in no position to use any of the above-prescribed methods at the time, you can send Independent Case Examiners an email or address the complaint through the physical mail to the postal address:

Independent Case Examiner, PO Box 209, Bootle, L20 7WA

The last person you can finally contact if you are still displeased with the Independent Examiner’s final response and findings is to reach out to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, available online through the website link.

They make final decisions on complaints that have not been resolved by the NHS in England and UK government departments and any other public organisations. The service is readily available to the general public and has no service charges.

Contact ESA Online for Free

ESA Contact and Physical Address

For any enquiries regarding employment opportunities and support allowance, you can reach ESA by mail at the address James House, 2 – 4 Cromac Avenue, Belfast, BT7 2JA.

Alternatively, you could write to the ESA at their head office address Mail Opening Unit, PO Box 42, Limavady, BT49 4AN for new claimants. The same address can also be used if you want to make a claim.

Jobcentre Plus

Enquiries regarding Jobcentre services can be looked up and addressed toward the website. You will be contacted back in response to your queries. The website deals with new benefits and claims, existing benefits or to cancel or change an appointment.

Jobcentre physical addresses are available through the online search portal, depending on your proximity to the closest help centre.

ESA Complaints Contact Numbers

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of services offered by the Department of Work and Pensions, which include Jobcentre Plus. The Disability and Careers Service and The Pension Service, you can file your complaint with the Department of and Pensions through their postal address at:

Department for Work and Pensions, PO Box 50101, London, SW1P 2WU.

You can also file your complaint to the nearest Jobcentre in your area. You can conveniently find one on their website.

ESA Social Media Contact Details

The ESA are relatively quick to respond to queries through their social media pages, but should not be used for sensitive or urgent requests and queries.

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