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myHermes Free Phone Numbers
myHermes delivery

First of all, the recommended way to resolve your concerns for parcels ordered through retailers that use Hermes to deliver is to contact them directly. Hence, the contact details contained herein are for myHermes shippers and myHermes parcels.

While there is no myHermes free phone number yet available at the time of writing, there are various means you can get in touch with them. These will also be discussed in the succeeding sections.

myHermes delivers most parcels within five working days. It may take up to seven working days for Highlands, Islands of Scotland, Isle of Man, or the Isle of Wight. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and on Saturdays, 8 am to 5 pm. Also, you might want to measure first your parcel before sending to ensure that myHermes can ship it. The guidelines are posted on their website as well.

Alternative myHermes Contact Numbers, Details and Services
myhermes contact number

myHermes Customer Service

If you need to speak to one of their advisors about deliveries or collections, you may call myHermes Customer Service Number 0330 333 6556. They are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

myHermes Courier

Another number that you may try calling is myHermes Courier Telephone Number 0330 333 4982. This will put you in touch with a delivery specialist.

myHermes Complaints

For your grievances, you may also try contacting myHermes Complaints Phone Number 0330 333 4981. You can expect a fast and detailed response to any dissatisfaction that you might have encountered with anyone of their products and services. Please refer to the next section for other ways to raise your concerns.

myHermes Head Office and Tracking

You may also call myHermes Head Office Contact Number 0113 397 6400 if you need to get in touch with other departments and individuals.

For myHermes Tracking My Parcel Number, get in touch with them by dialling the same contact number indicated above. You can also call this number if you think your parcel may have been lost or have stopped in transit. Because they are dedicated to serving their customers and delivering quality service, myHermes commits to carrying out an extensive probe to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

myHermes Depot

Due to health and safety regulations, myHermes currently does not allow customers to drop-off or collect parcels from the myHermes central hub or their other storage houses. For any concerns that you need to coordinate with their respective depots, contact myHermes Helpline Support:

myHermes Depot myHermes Depot Contact Number
Bolton depot 0194 284 4160
Peterborough depot 0173 333 0575
Dunstable depot 0158 247 6633
Bristol depot 0127 537 5683
Airdrie depot (Glasgow area deliveries) 0169 873 5123
Boldon Colliery depot 0191 519 3236
Southampton depot 0238 073 1310
Rochester depot 0163 472 1234
Birmingham depot 0121 373 3795
Bridgend depot 0165 676 6458
Newmarket depot 0163 872 3500
Weybridge depot 0193 233 9070

Alternative myHermes Free Contact Methods
myHermes tracking

myHermes Online Support

Alternatively, for parcel deliveries and concerns, you can also contact them via web chat or e-mail. Please prepare your parcel ID details for faster and more accurate processing of your concerns. For security reasons, do not enter or give any payment details (credit or debit card numbers) or account password details when you submit an enquiry or talk to a myHermes advisor.

myHermes Help & Support

The myHermes Help & Support page provides immediate solutions to questions about delivery, website, drop-off, pickup, account management, and other general enquiries. Some of the most popular answers featured on the site include parcel tracking, undelivered parcels, parcel journey and tracking information, and courier contact details. Similarly, you can also find answers on the website for lost parcels, reschedule a parcel delivery, and get more information about depot collections and deliveries.

myHermes Tracking My Parcel

You may also opt to track a parcel via the myHermes Track a parcel. A valid myHermes tracking number may be in one of these formats:

  • myHermes parcel barcode – 16 digits (all numbers)
  • ParcelShop receipt barcode – 12 digits (all numbers)
  • International barcode – starts with “HRM”

Please get in touch with the sender if you do not have a validated tracking number. If you are the sender, you may sign in to your myHermes account and click on the “Your Shipments” link which can be found on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Finally, if you ordered your parcel from a high street retailer, you need to contact them directly.

myHermes Parcel Shop Finder UK

There are over 4,500 myHermes parcel shops nationwide that you can choose from. Visit the website and enter your town or postcode to find out the nearest parcel shop in your area.

myHermes Complaints

You have the choice to request a full investigation of your complaint by the myHermes Customer Relations Team. This happens in instances where a customer is not satisfied with the way the issue was handled by the myHermes Customer Service Department.

There are no myHermes Complaints Phone Number at the moment but you may e-mail the details of your complaint. Please provide a telephone number so they can directly contact you to ensure a fast resolution.

The company strives to find a solution to the complaint according to your satisfaction. However, there may be cases that a customer will probably feel otherwise. If you are still not satisfied with the resolution, you have the alternative to appeal which will be reviewed by the Customer Relations Manager. Expect a response within five working days on whether the previous decision has been upheld or overruled.

myHermes Social Media

Social media has become a must-have for every organisation, given the wide reach it provides for both small and big businesses. For their part, myHermes created a guide to help you choose the best platform(s) for your organisation. If you want to know about these tips, visit the “Help” section on their website. Consequently, you may also get in touch with them via their social media sites:


myHermes Head Office Contact Details

The head office address of myHermes is:

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd.
Capitol House
1 Capitol Close
Morley, Leeds
LS27 0WH

Below are the addresses of their depots:

myHermes Depot myHermes Depot Address
Bolton depot Unit 4, Great Bank Rd
Wingates Industrial Estate
Westhoughton, Bolton
Peterborough depot Saville Rd, Industrial Estate
Dunstable depot Unit 36, Verey Rd
Woodside Industrial Estate
Bristol depot Bradley Rd, Portbury West
BS20 7NZ
Airdrie depot
(Glasgow area deliveries)
Unit 2, York Rd
Chapelhall, Airdrie
Boldon Colliery depot Brooklands Way, Boldon Business Park
Boldon Colliery
NE35 9LZ
Southampton depot Unit 23 Oriana Way
Nursling, Southampton
SO16 0YU
Rochester depot Unit H1 Knights Park Industrial Estate
Knight Rd
Birmingham depot Unit 1a Merlin Park
Wood Lane, Erdington
B24 9QJ
Bridgend depot Unit 4 Waterton Industrial Estate
Horsefair Rd, Bridgend
CF31 3YN

eBay Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

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eBay Free Customer Service Numbers

ebay sales team

eBay Customer Service

The eBay Customer service free number 0800 358 6551 can be contacted either to make a purchase or exchange a product from eBay. It is a common destination for all the buyers and sellers coming from different parts of the world. On this largest online auction platform, consumers can buy and sell clothes, jewellery, books, beauty products, sports and games and much more to name a few. The consumers can freely use the website to undertake any kind of transaction. Assistance service can be taken by reaching up to the customer care representatives.

eBay Emergency Contact Number

Sometimes, you may suspect that some other user has tried to use their account or the account gets hacked. In such a case, eBay Emergency Free Number 0800 358 6552 is the right contact. Being a free phone number you can call on this number from any UK landline number or mobile phone. On finding any such kind of likely situation, you are suggested to raise an alarm by making an immediate call.  The eBay Emergency Contact team will possibly reach to the fraudulent user in the best possible time.

eBay Buyers and Sellers Free Number

Are you willing to make a call to eBay? To all those who are giving a nod, you may call eBay Helpline Number 0800 358 3229 for free. The customer service team available here has the right amount of knowledge regarding the products or services. The proficient team of eBay will be happy to serve you. Whether you are a buyer or seller, eBay Helpline Number leaves no queries open without providing a solution. eBay has a huge base of a network with a countless number of buyers and sellers. All of them are engaged in making payments and receiving goods. In order to deal with the huge chunk of dealings, they have segregated a separate department for each issue.

eBay Dispute Number

eBay has a professional team and takes a serious call when it comes to handling disputes. The eBay Dispute Number 0800 358 7911 solely takes charge of controlling the disagreements that happen while a transaction is taking place. The representative behind the call reports the complaints made to the Resolution Center. In order to eliminate confusions, the Dispute manager organises a conference call or live chats with both the parties. Both the parties are brought together and efforts are made to satisfy them.

eBay Assistance

Dial the eBay Seller AssistanceNumber 0800 970 9151 to make payment and related invoice related complaints.  For any problem that relates to an unpaid transaction or non-delivery of goods, you can anytime dial the number.  Calling this number you may take information about how to update your phone number or email address or registration. Furthermore, if you are planning to sell goods via eBay, then feel free to reach our executives.

eBay Alternative Contact Numbers

ebay logo

eBay Corporate Phone Number

Reach eBay UK help representatives by dialling eBay Corporate Phone Number 0345 355 3229. Moreover, this number can be used to update the customer’s personal information such as home address, email id and password. In case, you want to close the eBay account without questions asked, the customer support executive will immediately deactivate the account.

Here, you can also talk about make payment and related invoice related issues.  For any problem that relates to an unpaid transaction or non-delivery of goods, you can anytime call eBay Corporate Phone Number.

eBay Assistance Phone Number and eBay Complaints Department Phone Number

Make a quick call to eBay Assistance Phone Number 0208 605 3000 and report a formal complaint against the quality of product received. If you feel that the product delivered is not exactly the one you have ordered and as a result, you are dissatisfied. In such a scenario, you are requested to throw light on it by calling eBay Assistance Phone Number.

You may dial this number also to make complaints on encountering, issues such as order delivered on wrong address or order not dispatched from seller and order got delayed. eBay Complaint Department Phone quickly responds to the discrepancies faced by the buyer with open ears. EBay help representatives are a highly dedicated team of officials will request for the order details before lodging a complaint. The dedicated department will take it as their top priority and resolve the issues by providing instant solutions.

eBay Seller Service Number

Have you registered yourself as a seller on eBay? Sellers might face problems at the time of updating information about its product on eBay. Dial 0208 605 3001 to get your queries sorted by the well-versed team of eBay. Any user selling products for the first time is supposed to have a lot of questions related to their first sale. Although eBay is known for managing transactions in a smooth way, but you can still refer back anytime. Call eBay Seller Service Number for any assistance required along the way.

Alternative Free Ways to Contact eBay

Contact Ebay via tablet online

eBay Social Media

Other than the above-mentioned numbers, eBay, an internet-based auction site is available on other social networking sites. Knowing that eBay is world’s largest online auction, you can approach eBay by using any way of communication. These include emails, live chat help, postal office addresses, and much more.

Facebook: eBay has successfully embraced Facebook to hold promotions of its products and services. In addition to this, it is also used as an additional customer service platform.

Twitter: The dedicated marketing team of Twitter is mostly populated with countless tweets. EBay won’t mind if any of its troubled customers happens to drop a feedback or report a problem. It will be sorted immediately.

Instagram: If you are a regular follower of eBay on Instagram, then you can scroll down to get new about the latest products and services available on eBay. The customers can instantly place an order here.

LinkedIn: Make connections directly with the team of help representatives on Linkedin.

YouTube: For any other help, you may subscribe eBay YouTube channel. It has tutorials giving step by step instructions about using a particular product.


Looking for an easy way to arrive a conclusion for your problem? Drop an email to our executive describing the situation you have facing by closing a particular deal. Simple as it may sound, log on to the online portal of eBay and log in to your personal account. In order to do that you must visit the eBay contact us page. Next, write a brief mail and wait for one of our customer care representatives to take a necessary action. While PayPal and eBay are separate entities you can contact the PayPal related services directly By doing so, PayPal agent will revert.

eBay Live Chat

If you are unable to make a telephonic call, you can initiate a live chat with any of the star representatives of the concerning department. The online customer advisor will provide an instant solution for the fraudulent sale or purchase.

eBay Community Forum

eBay has one of the largest community forums on the planet. Ask a question or search for your answers simply by going to the eBay Customer Service web page. And if you are not there to find answers, go ahead and offer some help to some of the many people who need it. Pay it forward!

eBay Postal Address

The eBay users have another source of holding a communication with the eBay help representatives. eBay Customer Relation Department can be contacted by putting down your issues on a paper. As a consumer, you have all the freedom to raise queries, complaint or problems encountered while making a deal on eBay. Also, do not forget to send your contact details and other essential documents along with the letter.   Write to the following address EBay (UK) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond, Surrey TW91EJ, UK.

GoSkippy Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

GoSkippy Insurance logo

GoSkippy Free Customer Service Numbers

GoSkippy Kangaroo

GoSkippy Insurance is dedicated to ensuring that its customers receive excellent service. Allow one of their experts to help you find the right insurance that will cater to your needs and budget.

There is no GoSkippy Free Phone Number available at the moment. Nevertheless, expect your concerns to be resolved as efficiently and as fast as possible by calling their other numbers, which are provided in the next section.

GoSkippy Customer Service

Customers can contact the GoSkippy Customer Service team by dialling any of the listed alternative numbers below. To bypass all information simply press “0” to be connected to a switchboard representative. This will be a guide elucidating about the different ways to touch base with GoSkippy and get benefitted from the excellent services provided by them.

The process of contacting this number is very simple. Dial GoSkippy Phone Number and you get a chance to speak with the GoSkippy representatives by pressing “1”. The helpline number is answered within few minutes. A computer generated message repeats after the tone ends. The customer can choose between different options as prompted by the automated service. The entire message can be evaded simply by pressing 0. Get answers to all your queries related to insurance by connecting to the concerned department.

It provides assistance to all its new or existing customers. The representatives take responsibility of explaining all the necessary details of a taking a policy, renewing it or sorting out issues, if any. GoSkippy Helpline Support is always ready to walk an extra mile by offering exceptional customer support services. Offering better deals and delighting customers is its top priority.

Acknowledged by the whole world, GoSkippy undergoes streamlining the process of applying for an insurance, requesting for claims in their crucial times, renewal of the policies, asking for quotes and much more. All these services are controlled by respective heads of the team. Hence, if you are looking up to contact experts at GoSkippy, feel free to hold a communication. The numbers listed in the below section allows you to take advice from respective help representatives.

Alternative GoSkippy Contact Numbers

GOSkippy CUstomers

The general GoSkippy customer service number is 0344 840 6300. For a more personalized service, below are the numbers that you can call depending on the type of insurance that you need help with. Lines are open from Monday to Saturday, including bank holidays, 9 am to 8 pm (Saturdays until 4 pm only).

Go Skippy Van Insurance Department Go Skippy Van Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales 0344 776 5309
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 776 5308
GoSkippy Renewals 0344 776 5314
GoSkippy Claims Contact Number 0344 840 9504
GoSkippy Request for Quote 0344 776 5396
Car Insurance Department Go Skippy Car Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales/Request for Quote 0344 840 6300
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 840 6302
GoSkippy Renewals 0344 840 6301
GoSkippy Claims Contact Number 0344 840 9503
Bike Insurance Department Go Skippy Bike Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales 0344 776 5748
GoSkippy Customer Service Same as GoSkippy Van Insurance
GoSkippy Renewals 0344 776 5315
GoSkippy Claims Contact Number 0344 840 9505
GoSkippy Request for Quote 0344 776 5398
Home Insurance Department Go Skippy Home Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales and Renewals 0344 776 5306
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 776 5311
GoSkippy Request for Quote 0344 776 5395

Other than Go Skippy helpline Support number there are several other numbers that can be dialled upon. These are the numbers of dedicated staff that are segregated as per heir level of expertise in concerned departments.  Hence, if you are looking for some representative to handle your complaint in general then you can suit yourself by dialling specific numbers. Listed below are few numbers that can be contacted if you prefer talking to experts.

GoSkippy Customer Direct

If you are looking for various types of insurance for your vehicle, contact GoSkippy Customer Direct number 0344 776 5725. By dialling this number, you can get insights about the insurance services provided by the company. The officials will assist you in choosing the best policy and offer competitive prices on the policies. You can also make complaints regarding the policies here.

GoSkippy Claims

If you have to report an accident and make a claim about it, the representatives will re-direct you to Eldon insurance. On contacted, the insurance company mentioned here will guide you throughout by making the claim. We expect you to bring the incident to our notice by dialling the number GoSkippy Claims contact number 0344 840 9403The reports are directly addressed by religiously on getting contacted.

GoSkippy Vehicle Insurance

GoSkippy provides insurance products for vans and minivans, motorbikes, and cars. Before you request for an online quote or speak with a sales agent, you need to meet certain criteria with regard to you and any other driver, your no claims bonus, and the vehicle. GoSkippy encourages all customers to answer the questions to the best of their knowledge and as honestly as possible. If you do not answer the questions correctly, your policy may be cancelled. Additionally, any claim that you make may be rejected or not fully paid.

More importantly, you may also opt to request for additional insurance features and optional extras:

GoSkippy Van Insurance
  • Up to 40% introductory discount
  • 30-day European cover
  • Optional tools cover
  • 100,000 pounds legal expenses cover
GoSkippy Car Insurance
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • RAC Breakdown cover
  • Up to 100 pounds personal belongings cover
  • 100,000 pounds legal expenses cover
GoSkippy Bike Insurance
  • Up to 70% off ultimate cover
  • 30-day European cover
  • 16 common medications covered as standard
  • 1,000 pounds of helmet and leathers cover

Need more upgrades? Check out the other covers that might interest you:

  • Comprehensive cover – insurance against any accident, whether it is your fault or not; includes third party cover and any damage arising from fire or theft
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance – covers your legal liabilities to third parties as well as fire damage or damage arising out of theft or attempted theft
  • Third party only – no cover for damage to your vehicle
  • Provisional insurance – offers teenagers and young people to cover until they pass their driving test, given their limited amount of experience

GoSkippy Home Insurance     

What are the advantages of getting home insurance? With GoSkippy, you will have peace of mind when you leave your house, flexible cover to suit your specific needs, worldwide all risk cover, and home emergency extension cover for added protection. Other home insurance features and optional extras include locks replaced if you lose your keys, 24-hour emergency cover, 500 pounds appliance breakdown cover, and 100,000 pounds family legal protection. Additionally, you may also want to consider getting a contents insurance in case you lose everything in your home due to unforeseen circumstances. Most of all, the peace of mind that it will bring will allow you to focus on other important matters.

GoSkippy Breakdown Contact Number

Vehicles can be expensive to repair if they breakdown. That is why you need the right insurance to take care of your needs, thus avoid potential dangerous situations. GoSkippy offers both personal and vehicle breakdown cover alternatives, including any type of bike.

If your breakdown cover is with the RAC, call GoSkippy Breakdown Contact Number 0330 159 0452. Otherwise, there is another number on the website that you can get in touch with if your cover is with GoSkippy Rescue.

GoSkippy Claims

There are steps that you should follow in the event of an accident. Call the corresponding GoSkippy Claims Contact Number as soon as possible and remain calm. Alternatively, you may fill out the online form to report the incident, even if you do not intend on claiming it yourself. And while accidents tend to make you forget about important guidelines, remember to observe the following:

  • Do not accept liability.
  • Exchange details with other party.
  • Take down details from witnesses.
  • Take photos or any documentation that may be helpful in filing a claim.

GoSkippy Cancellation Phone Number

As a consumer, GoSkippy respects your right to cancel your policy without giving any reason. You can do so within 14 days of receiving the policy documents or policy start date, whichever is later. Contact the GoSkippy customer service numbers indicated above to cancel legal expenses, breakdown cover, personal accident cover, and whatever policy you think you no longer need.

GoSkippy Customer Complaints

GoSkippy understands that their effort to offer their customers with first-class customer service and products may turn out differently for some. If you have any misgivings with regard to their products and services, the GoSkippy customer service number is 0344 776 5725. Their opening hours are between 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. However, call centre agents will be glad to attend to you outside of these hours.

Rest assured that GoSkippy welcomes all kinds of feedback and would try to fix things as soon as possible. Expect a fair and fast response as well as a thorough investigation to your complaints.

GoSkippy Van Insurance

GoSkippy Van Insurance Contact number 0344 776 5308 can be reached anytime. The help representatives are all ears and offer necessary assistance to all customers. Customers having queries regarding the renewal of insurance policy or buying a new policy can dial this number. The dedicated staff of this department readily assists you with all the queries related to your van only. The van insurance team is capable enough to get you a quote over the call or renew the van insurance policy.

GoSkippy Car Insurance

GoSkippy Car Insurance Contact Number 0344 840 6302 can be reached all week long. Dialling this number, the customers can address all the queries related to car insurance.   If you are facing a problem while buying a new insurance for your car or if you wish to renew the insurance of the car, do not look further simply dial the Phone Number provided above for GoSkippy Car Insurance. Request for an insurance quote and get your car insured in a jiffy by making a quick call to this number.

GoSkippy Bike Insurance

The efficient team of GoSkippy Bike Insurance can be contacted anytime of the week. The help representatives will never let you down. For any reason such as receiving a quote, facing issues with the documentation of the insurance, or having any problem concerning the renewal of policy contact GoSkippy Bike Insurance Contact Number 0334 776 5315. On contacted by dialling the number, the dedicated officials offer reliable and trustworthy solutions to all its customers.

Part of your Bike insurance cover is breakdown cover too. Therefore, if you need roadside assistance just contact GoSkippy Breakdown and leave your hassles to the breakdown team. The entire team of GoSkippy Breakdown Contact Number will successfully relieve from all the conflicts at the time of emergency. It aims to provide one of the best services to all its promising customers.

GoSkippy Cancellation

Any user who has purchased a policy or is using a renewed policy has equal rights to cancel the insurance policy. Without questions asked, the officials will abandon the policy. Dial GoSkippy Cancellation number 0344 840 9503 to get your insurance policy cancelled. Your call will be put on hold in order to check if at all any payments are left unpaid from your end. Once the dues are seen to be clear, the insurance policy is successfully withdrawn. At the time of cancellation, you will not be able to receive the refunds until the full amount of policy is paid.

However, GoSkippy welcomes a feedback from its client if he or she was encountered with an unsatisfactory service. Drop an email describing the reason for terminating the policy.

Alternative GoSkippy Contact Methods

GoSkippy Customer Service is one of the leading and respected players in offering insurance-related support services. It is known for relentlessly delivering quality help service to all its customers. With this commitment, GoSkippy 24 Hour Contact Number service is available round the clock. It adds value to each of its customers and fulfils the client’s specific goals. At times, if you have no access to a phone, you may make use of other alternative methods to reach GoSkippy help representatives. Apart from the said list of GoSkippy customer service contact numbers, the customers can bypass calling by resorting to other reliable ways.

GoSkippy Customer Complaints

Alternatively, you can make use of the other available options to air your complaints. You may also contact GoSkippy via email: or via their online complaints form. Both the telephone and the online form are the quickest ways to share your concerns.

If you prefer to get in touch via post, below is their mailing address:

Quality Manager
Lysander House
Catbrain Lane
Cribbs Causeway
BS10 7TQ

They request that you include the following information in your letter:

  • A brief overview of your issue
  • What you would like GoSkippy to do to resolve it
  • Your name and address
  • A daytime contact number and the best time to call you
  • Your policy or client reference number that can be found on your policy documents

There might be times that you will probably feel not fully satisfied with the way they handled your concerns. You can refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. In case you need to access detailed information about the complaints handling procedure, you may download the document from the website.


Customers can get in touch with the online team of GoSkippy by sending an email. The email services for general enquiries are always open to all. The GoSkippy Email address is Consider emailing to the GoSkippy as one of the first options of taking extending help.

GoSkippy FAQ Index

Their FAQ Index section answers most if not all of your possible questions about insurance. Learn more about claims, policies, restrictions, types of insurance, provisional insurance, and travel insurance. Some of the topics include what a ghost broker is, the importance of keeping policy information up to date, and why some premiums are higher than others. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you may email them at or use their online form.

GoSkippy Social Media

You may also get in touch with GoSkippy via their social media sites. Connect with them, comment on a post, or request for a quote, all these and more.  They are most active on Facebook and Twitter.

GoSkippy Fan club

GoSkippy FAQ’s section

The GoSkippy FAQ section is loaded with all types of common questions. The representatives have provided the answers along with the questions. If at any point of time, you are not able to contact the team. You may go through the page and get answers to all your concerning problems related to insurance and so on.

GoSkippy help officials can be contacted by dropping a short message. If you want to cancel insurance or fill out a complaint form, you do not have to wait for a representative. GoSkippy offers a free messaging service that will allow you to submit a claim or cancel insurance or complain about the services. Expect a response within 24 hours. Land over to GoSkippy Contact Us page and fill out the credentials required in the form along with a short message. Once the message gets submitted, you will be contacted by the concerned person of the respective department.

GoSkippy Address

You can write down all your concerned problems and issues to the following address Go Skippy Insurance, Lysander House, Catbrain Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7TQ. Use this way of contacting GoSkippy if you wish to send documents. Alternatively, customers can drop over anytime and we can hold a discussion over coffee.

GoSkippy Mailing Address

For those who prefer to write them or if you need to send any documents, below is their address:

GoSkippy Insurance
Lysander House
Catbrain Lane
Cribbs Causeway
Bristol BS10 7TQ

For claims purposes, please use the following address:

Eldon Insurance Services Limited
Cale Cross House
156 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Google Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Google Customer Service Free Number

The Google Customer Service free number 0800 328 6081 connects helpdesk representatives with the Google users. Google has a wide network of users spread throughout the world. The users can reach out to Google representatives for all their concerns. This section will list out all the necessary free numbers that will help you in getting onto world’s largest search engine- Google.

Users can simply dial the number and wait for the operator to respond. On getting an automated response, choose from the options to hold a direct communication with the representatives. You will be requested to press 1 for Google plus Customer Service Number, Press 2 for Google Play Customer Service, Press 3 for Google Apps number, Press 4 for Google AdWords support, and press 5 for Google Customer Service number.

This system is entirely an online system. The system supports all types of calls whether it comes through online assistance or FAQs. The knowledgeable technician leaves no queries unheard. They ensure that you do not face any issues or problems while using Google products.

The troubled users can approach the Google Support Team free number and talk to the customer service representatives. If at any point, users start facing any problem then Google Support Team officials are just a call away. Contact Google Support Team for any application related problems.

You will be recommended by this number to first troubleshoot on your own or using the FAQ on the website. Wait patiently to get through to a live Google representative.

Google Press Enquiries and Media Resources

Hold communication by dialing the Google Press Enquiries and Media Resources free number 0800 169 0703. Their representatives attend you on dialing this number.  The number will redirect the caller to the concerned department. Here, you can get solutions regarding Google’s press and media applications.

Google G Suite and Google Cloud Support

Contact Google G Suite Support Number 0800 169 0455 while you face any problem while downloading or using the G Suite. G Suite is a powerful online tool which brings all the work apps together embedded in a single application. Mostly administrators or the account owners require constant support in order to get practical solutions. In such a case, it is mandatory to have a pin number of your account. The G Suite representative will inquire about the pin on taking the call. Believe it or not, all of the G Suite Core Services mentioned above that are related to complaints are addressed by calling the Google Cloud Support Free NumberBe sure to have your pin and key ready, as you will need to identify yourself immediately upon calling.

The number supports 14 languages. Round the clock help services are offered to the customers. On dialling the number, you will be asked to enter a support pin. The call will process further only when entered pin is verified. As soon as the pin gets verified, the caller can discuss the application related problems with the representatives.

Gmail Support

Gmail has a huge client base all over the world. Users are liable to face problems while using Gmail. Hence, you can call Gmail Support Number 0800 031 4244. Gmail Support officials will fix the Gmail-related issues by giving step by step instruction over the call.

Google Store

Contact Google Store Customer Service Number 0800 026 1478, on finding some issue concerning the product purchased from the Google Store. The store is well-equipped with latest products such as Google Phones, Phone chargers, and other accessories. The Google Store Customer connects you with the store officials directly.

Google AdWords Support

Dial 0800 169 0409 to seek solutions to various problems such as Ad Performance, Ad Policy and Review, Google Analytics, Billing Payments and miscellaneous services.  Google AdWords Support provides answers to all yours queries. AdWords is altogether a wide subject and profitable too. In order to reap benefits from taking such services, it is important for you to have a clear understanding. Expect an extra support from the representative’s working endlessly to resolve all the AdWords specific issues.

Alternative Google Contact Numbers

Google Corporate Number

Google Corporate Number 0207 031 3000 can be contacted if you are having any sort of complaint against services and products. The officials are dependable because they are well versed in Google products and services. Along with a prompt response, your call will be redirected to the concerned departments, if requested. Also, the automated system will make sure that the customer is fully satisfied after his or her grievances are taken up.

Google Wallet Customer Service Number

Do you want to speak to the Google Wallet expert? Dial 0855 492 5538 to talk straight about the problems faced by you. Google Wallet is used to make payments, receive or transfer amounts and controls many other monetary transactions. The customer support is constantly made available to all its clients.  The highly skilled team of representatives helps in resolving technical problems from their end.

Alternative Methods to Contact Google

If you are among those who consider touching base with Google officials by visiting any of the Google online help resources, then you need not because Google is everywhere. Below is the list of Google online help services.

Google on Social Media

Looking for a troubleshooter that resolves all your problems encountered by using any of the Google services. Go ahead; we have a handful of options that are available for free.

Google Chrome

Chrome Help page provides a list of how to guidelines that cover all the necessary topics related to Google Chrome. If you are a new user, you can learn to download and install Google Chrome. The existing users can update Google Chrome and get solutions by reading the Tips and Tricks for Chrome. This page can also offer answers to all the Chrome mobile users. The video tutorials posted on this page make your journey smooth and easy.

Google Apps and Google Store Support

We all play and download games, apps and digital content from Google Play Store. There are chances that you are unable to download the movie, game, music or other applications. Then you can contact Google Play via the main store website for assistance. Google Play store is Google’s official application. It has several applications that are used by Android device users.

It is one of the best ways to request support in relation to Google applications. Problems such as unable to log in, Android Games and Apps, Movie, Music and much more all cover thoroughly on this page. The popular articles posted here provide instant step-by-step solutions to the users.

Google Live Chat

Chat Help page provides essential help to all the Google chat or Hangout users. Opening this page, you will find all the guidelines describing how to use Google chat or Hangout, how to download Hangouts plug-ins and much more.

Gmail Support

We all use Gmail to send and receive emails. In case, we encounter some issues using Gmail you can look for an online help. The articles posted on Gmail Help serve as a guide that ultimately helps in getting easy solutions to its users.

Google Product Forums

The Google Product Forums brings all the forums of Google products and services under one roof. The users are welcome to sign in on this page and collaborate with other users to find instant solutions. Even if you are unsure about what you are looking for, the forum experts will make sure that you receive a satisfactory solution. With countless discussions already running here, you can anytime join the community and pen down all your complaints. It is certain that you will receive answers in the form of replies from all over the world. This is an effective way of communicating with Google experts without paying a dime.


MBNA Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

MBNA logo

MBNA Free Phone Numbers

MBNA credit card

MBNA Contact Number Credit Card

If you are interested in applying for a credit card, you may get in touch with MBNA Contact Number Credit Card 0800 068 8788. After the tone, you may press 1 for MBNA New Application Phone Number. Furthermore, if you want to talk about an application that you recently made, press 2, and for anything else, press 3. They are available to answer your queries every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

MBNA Balance Transfer

For balance or money transfer, call MBNA Balance Transfer Phone Number 0800 933 944. After the tone, press 1 if your card has been lost or stolen, has been declined, or you want to talk to an MBNA representative. If you encountered problems logging on to their online card services, press 2. To use the MBNA automated service, hear your balance, make a payment, activate your card, or listen to your last statement transaction/s, press 3. For help with anything else, make sure that you are calling within their available hours so you can be attended to. In addition, you may also manage your accounts via the website or the MBNA Card Services App, which can be downloaded to an Apple or Android Smartphone or tablet.

MBNA Activate Card

Call MBNA Activate Card Phone Number 0800 028 1290 for card activation and press 3. For other concerns, follow the same instructions indicated above.

MBNA Lost and Stolen Contact Details

You need to report lost and stolen cards as soon as possible to stop fraudulent charges from being made against your account. Please dial MBNA Lost and Stolen Contact Number 0800 933 944 and press 1 after the tone. Aside from your personal information, you will need to have your credit card details ready.

MBNA Visa Card Contact

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and require assistance, you may dial MBNA Visa Card Free Number 0800 028 0690. Please key in your card number. Otherwise, say “I don’t have it.” For security purposes, enter the home or mobile telephone number connected to the card.

MBNA Rewards

Using a rewards credit card will give you something back for each purchase you make. Some of MBNA’s reward credit card accounts provide both Visa and American Express cards, which you can use to earn rewards faster. You may dial MBNA Rewards Phone Number 0800 783 1116 for more information. Use the same number for Abbey & Virgin cards. After the tone, say in just a few words the reason for your call. Otherwise, press 1 for balance inquiry, 2 for payment, 3 for a balance transfer, and 4 for anything else.

MBNA Loans

You may also call MBNA Loans Contact Number 0800 551 441 to get in touch with their loans department. If you have received a letter introducing MBNA loan servicing, press 1. If you have not received a letter and your call is about your loan, press 2.

MBNA Customer Advocate Office

MBNA is ready to improve their services and products and is committed to handling complaints fairly and promptly. Contact them by phone via MBNA Customer Advocate Office Phone Number 0800 062 062. You will hear the same instructions indicated for the MBNA Balance Transfer Phone Number. You may also use the Web site’s secure online form or dial the alternative contact number indicated in the next section. Please be ready with the following details when you get in touch with them:

  • Your name and address
  • Your preferred contact number
  • 16-digit card number and any useful references
  • What has gone wrong and when/how it happened
  • What you expect MBNA to do to resolve your complaint

MBNA tries to resolve any complaint within 56 days from the date of receipt. However, if they are unable to resolve it or you are not satisfied with their conclusive response, you may refer the matter by calling MBNA Contact Number 0800 023 4567 (Financial Ombudsman Service phone number).

Alternative MBNA Contact Numbers, Details and Services
MBNA mobile

MBNA Customer Service

For general enquiries, dial MBNA Customer Service Number 0345 606 2062. You may also use the Web site’s secure online form to submit an enquiry. For MBNA customers, you need to provide them with your 16-digit credit card number for faster processing of your concerns.

MBNA Phone Number to Make a Payment

If you need to pay via debit card or to set up a Direct Debit, call MBNA Phone Number to Make a Payment 0345 606 2062. Or use the MBNA Card Services App.

MBNA Media Enquiries

For any media enquiries, contact the MBNA press team at MBNA Phone Number 0124 457 4136. Please note that the service is for journalists only. Use the other contact details listed above for any concerns about an account or services offered by MBNA.

Alternative MBNA Free Contact Methods
MBNA customer service

MBNA Business Contact Number

MBNA issues credit cards in the UK for some of the world’s most popular brands. Consequently, it is always open to new business opportunities with suitable organisations. If your organisation is interested in co-branded credit cards, you may e-mail them and they will let you know if there is an available avenue for partnership.

MBNA Online Support

Most concerns raised by MBNA customers relate to their online account. There are some pointers available on the website that you can check to help you answer any questions that you might have. You can find solutions to various issues including activating your card, managing account information and changing your address. Additionally, you may go to the FAQs section and get more information about using your MBNA credit card. Some of the popular topics include calculating minimum payments, using the card when abroad, and reporting lost/stolen cards.

MBNA Social Media

To have access to MBNA’s latest offerings and announcements, connect with them via their various social media networks:


MBNA Head Office Contact Details

If you wish to get in touch with MBNA for your general enquiries, write them at:

MBNA Limited
P.O. Box 1004
Chester Business Park
Wrexham Road

To make a payment, please make your cheque payable to MBNA Limited and do not forget to write your card number on the front of the cheque in the top left-hand corner.

Card Services
Thynne Street
BL11 1AZ

For your complaints, write them at:

Customer Advocates Office
MBNA Limited
Chester Business Park
Wrexham Road

British Airways Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

British Airways logo

British Airways Free Phone Numbers
British Airways UK

British Airways Customer Service

Only the Executive Club has free British Airways Customer Service Numbers available at the moment. However, you may contact the numbers indicated in the next section to connect to British Airways customer relations department. If you call on a Sunday, please expect a call back service only. For passengers who already have a booking, please have your booking reference ready when you call. The reference is a combination of 6 letters and numbers (Example: AB2CD3).

British Airways Executive Club

For the Executive Club there are two tiers. Silver and Gold status. Each have different benefits but they both enjoy the same customer service using the British Airways Free Numbers. Regardless of the phone call, to change your booking, press 1; for availability, prices or to make a booking, press 2; and for anything else, press 3. Calls may be recorded.

Gold members, can dial their own British Airways Helpline free number 0800 123 111.

Silver members can dial their own British Airways Customer Service Free Number 0800 4080 009.

The British Airway Phone Number for Premier line is 0800 123 100. Please note that an additional service fee may be incurred if booking is completed by phone. After the tone, you will be asked to hold the line if all agents are busy.

British Airways Toll-Free Number for Open Skies

For customers who earlier made a booking on or through the OpenSkies call centre, they should use the contact details indicated on the website. If you are calling from the U.S. for flight bookings, get in touch with British Airways Toll-Free Number for Open Skies +1800 247 9297 (AIRWAYS).  Or you may dial British Airways Customer Service Phone Number for Open Skies Related to Hotel and Car Rental Bookings indicated on the website. To change a booking paid with Avios, go to the Contact Executive Club section for the contact details of their worldwide offices.

If you are calling from France, dial the British Airways Customer Services for Open Skies Customers Calling from France for Flight Bookings Number indicated on the website. Please expect to incur charges for your call.

Alternative British Airways Contact Numbers, Details and Services

British Airways Cabin Crew

British Airways Contact Number for Flight Details

For flight arrival and departure status, dial British Airways Contact Number for Flight Details 0344 493 0777.

The automated system is available 7 days a week while agents can respond to your phone queries from 6 am to 10 pm.

British Airways Booking Changes

To change a booking or for refund queries, dial the British Airways phone number 0344 493 0787, and press option 1. You may also view the flight status on the website or on your mobile.

British Airways Phone Number for Group Travel

A group travel may meet any of the following criteria, excluding infants under 2 years of age at the time of travel:

  • 10 or more people who are travelling in economy
  • Seven or more people travelling in premium economy or business
  • Four or more people travelling in First class

The benefits of booking as a group include having a dedicated team to support you, being able to book flights with a small deposit for each passenger, and changing the names in the group, free of charge before tickets are issued. In most cases, British Airways strives to seat your group members together. Enjoy the privileges now by dialling British Airways Phone Number for Group Travel 0344 493 0765.

British Airways Contact Us for On Business Members

On Business is the loyalty programme of British Airways for small- to medium-sized businesses. Call British Airways Contact us for On Business Members Number 0344 493 0748 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, for any concerns about the programme.

British Airways Contact Details for Calls Related to Hotel and Car Rental Bookings

For enquiries about changes to an existing hotel or car rental booking, you may get in touch with British Airways Contact Details for Calls Related to Hotel and Car Rental Bookings Number 0344 493 0787, option 1, seven days a week, from 7:30 am to 8 pm.

British Airways Customer Care for Delayed and Lost Baggage

If you need to get help with baggage claims, dial British Airways Customer Care for Delayed and Lost Baggage Number 0344 493 0787, followed by option 3-2.

For delayed baggage, call British Airways Phone Number 0344 493 0785 or report and track delayed baggage online. The airline is aware of the distress delayed or damaged bags can cause; thus they try their best to return missing bags to their owners within 72 hours. Once they become aware that your bag has missed its flight, they will send you an email or text message with a missing baggage report number which you can keep to track the status of your bag.

British Airways Telephone Number for Clients with Speech and Hearing Difficulties

The airline is committed in attending to and caring for all its passengers, especially those travelling with disability. You may seek assistance from the British Airways Helpline UK Number 0344 493 0787 or the British Airways Telephone Number for Clients with Speech and Hearing Difficulties 0345 700 7706 (Minicom).

Alternative British Airways Free Contact Methods
British Airways plane

British Airways Social Media

Alternatively, you may connect with British Airways via their social media channels:


British Airways App

Managing your flight details while on the move is easier using the British Airways app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store on your mobile, iPad or Apple Watch. Some of the app features include paying for drinks and M&S on board snacks, quick check-in, boarding passes for return and connecting flights, and multiple boarding passes for families and groups. You can even download and store your boarding pass and use it in the same manner as the paper version.

British Airways Website Feedback

British Airways encourages users to give feedback about their website so they can continue to improve it according to their customers’ satisfaction. However, the form may only be used for comments about For travel or account queries, please see their help and contacts page.

British Airways Other Contact Details

Additionally, you may choose to email them using the “Email Us” tab on the website. The company aims to reply from the online form in less than two days. However, if your issue is an urgent matter, it is best to phone them in order to receive an immediate solution.

There is also a form to claim for bags that you have already reported as missing. Once complete, the details you enter will be passed to the Customer Relations department, who will process the request as soon as possible. Please note that you cannot use this form to notify British Airways of missing bags for the first time.

You may also opt to write to:

British Airways
Customer Relations (S506)
PO Box 1126
United Kingdom
Note: Please provide your ten-digit file reference (Example:LHRBA12345)

Three Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Three logo

Three Free Phone Numbers
Three Welcome Details

3 Mobile Customer Service

When you decide to call your phone provider make sure you are using the 3 Mobile Customer Service free number 0800 358 6796. Select 0 if you wish to speak to an operator immediately. Otherwise, wait for the tone and then Select option 2 to be put through to normal customer services menu. Select options 2-1-1-2-1 if you want to be connected to Pay as You Go (PAYG) menu. For 3 Mobile Broadband Support, select option 3.

3 Mobile Business

Call Three Helpline Phone Number for Business 0800 358 6796 and choose option 2. You may also call 337 free from your 3 Business mobile.

Three Contact Details for Sales Enquiries

For sales-related concerns, call the Three Contact for Sales Enquiries Free Number 0800 033 8001. Planning to buy a new phone for the holidays? Or are you just shopping for yourself or your friend and loved ones. You can always buy directly from Three. Just reach out and call the Three Contact for Sales Enquiry free number 0800 033 8002. Lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Three Help Number for Accessibility

Three offers various services for people with different abilities to make communication easier for them. Some of these services include emergency SMS or text relay, directory enquiries, InterpretersLive! Video relay service, Minicom, and text relay and the next generation text service (NGTS).

For those who are interested in finding out the accessibility services Three offers or if you want to suggest of ways so they can improve those services, you may contact Three Contact Number for Minicom 0800 358 6799.

The Three Customer Helpline for Textphone Free Number 0800 033 8011 is for the hearing impaired as well. There might be a need for you to register before you can use some of Three’s accessibility services. Registration can be done through these contact numbers.

Alternative Three Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Three Customer Service

3 Mobile Customer Service

Dial Three Help for Phone Account Customers Calling from any device. Simply dial the Three Mobile Number 333.

All Mobile Devices Number

The Three Contact Number for Phone Account Customers Calling from Any Other Phone is 0333 338 1001. You will be connected to a switchboard agent so be sure to be specific with your needs.

Three Broadband

For all data and internet queries, contact Three Number for Mobile Broadband Account Customers 500. You can also dial the 3 Mobile Customer Service Number 0333 338 1003 if from another phone or telecommunication device.

Three Help Number for Accessibility

You may also speak to the special needs accessibility team when you contact Three Help Number for Accessibility 0333 338 1012.

Three Fax Number

If you are that person who uses a fax machine still. Really? Okay, we are teasing. Still, you need the Three fax number 0141 204 8773. Be sure to always have a cover letter that properly addresses your issues so the fax itself is not lost or thrown away.

Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phones

For stolen or lost devices, you need to contact Three right away so they can protect your account from misuse and you can immediately arrange for a replacement. Even more so, they shut down your phone service properly and in some cases help track down your phone within a 10-meter radius using GPS tracking.Dial Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phone Number

So if the unfortunate event happens to you, contact Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phone Number 0333 338 1001If you lose a tablet or other mobile device that uses Three broadband and data plans, you need to call a different Three phone number. It is important to contact Three Number for Mobile Broadband Account Customers Calling from Three Mobile 0333 338 1003. However, they are closed on UK bank holidays.

Remember to change your passwords for your e-mail accounts, online banking, and social media accounts anytime your phone is lost or stolen. This is to safeguard your privacy immediately as well as to avoid possible complications arising from the loss. Consequently, a claim excess fee should be paid before replacement of a lost or stolen phone. Three recommends that you report any stolen device to the police to get a crime reference number.

Three Phone Insurance

If you have a Three phone insurance, you can make a Three Rescue claim online or contact Three Helpline Number for Mobile Broadband Insurance 0333 338 1003. There are separate numbers that Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) and CPP Phonesafe insurance customers can call to make claims.

Alternative Three Free Contact Methods
Three store

Three Website Forms

For questions about your account, you may contact Three using their standard contact form via the website. There is also a separate form for complaints.

Three Online Support

There is a Three support section on the website that provides answers to possible questions about device support, SIM support, mobile broadband, upgrades, bills and contracts, and network and coverage. You can also browse through information about calls, e-mails and messages, roaming services, Internet and apps, and subscription cancellation.

On the other hand, if you need help setting up and using your mobile device, you just need to enter the manufacturer name or device name onto the search field on the website. You may also download the device manually from the site.

Three Social Media

Three is present in major social media networks as part of its continued efforts to provide the best experience for UK mobile consumers. Connect with them or visit their website and find out more about their All You Can Eat data and Feel At Home offer, which lets customers call and text the UK and use data out of their UK allowance when abroad in 42 destinations including US, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Greece, France, and many more. Feel At Home is open to Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go customers who are using a tablet, phone, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle.


Three Live Chat

Three Live Chat is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. Do take note that if you want to upgrade or cancel your account, you need to call the Three Phone Number for General Support, Cancel Three Contract Number indicated above.

For Accessibility services, their web chat is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm only.

Three Support Area

Customers may check out the Support area on the website which resolves the most frequently asked questions about Three. Some of the topics discussed include buying, upgrading, exchanging and delivery, bills and contracts, topping up, and signal and coverage. You can also find answers to questions about calls, data, messages & add-ons, device support, using a device abroad, updating customer details, and subscription cancellation.

My3 Account

You may also log on to your My3 account to manage your personal details. Use the account to find out about existing customer deals or if you are eligible for a Three phone upgrade. For mobile users, you can download the Three app via Google Play or App Store. Check your allowances, pay a bill or find a store anytime, anywhere.

Three Other Contact Details

Finally, you may also write to Three for any concerns that you would rather put on paper. You just need to indicate the specific department you want your post to reach.

Three Customer Services/Accessibility Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

For Accessibility Services, you can just opt to e-mail them. Expect a response within one working day.

Expedia Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Expedia Logo

Expedia UK Free Contact Numbers

Expedia office

Expedia Booking Service

The Expedia Free Booking Service number 0800 783 2384 is what you can dial free of charge anywhere in the UK in order to book a complete flight and accommodation arrangement. You can also call this number in case you’re having any issues or questions about your booking. This process most often takes place on Expedia’s website, but a direct interaction with Expedia’s Customer Support experts is sure to meet your needs.

Expedia Alternative Contact Numbers

Expedia Customer Service

If faced with any type of query, every Expedia user can dial the Expedia Customer Service number 0330 123 1235. The variety of services that this Expedia helpline offers is divided into a few categories, all of which can be accessed by pressing the corresponding number.

The option under the number “1” is meant for existing customers who would like to request a copy of trip details, make any changes in the booking. Cancelling any arrangements or obtaining information about Expedia’s services is also part of this category.

New Expedia users can also dial this number and choose the option under the number “2”, which will allow them to make bookings and find out all the booking details they may be interested in.

Expedia Travel Agent Number

In case the line happens to be busy because too many customers are calling, you can opt for the special Expedia Travel agent number 0207 019 2000. The service is absolutely of the same quality as the one provided by the main number, so you shouldn’t let that concern you.

Expedia International Customer Service

In case you are an Expedia user and you do not live in the UK, yet you would still like to contact Expedia, you are welcome to dial the Expedia international customer service number +44 203 0248211. This will cover all the general enquiries of both existing and new customers. Before calling, you should consider the fact that you can instead get the same type of assistance on Expedia’s website and by emailing their customer support.

Expedia Multi-Purpose Service Number

A good number of Expedia helpline services can be reached by calling the number 0203 788 0445. This Expedia service number encompasses a very wide variety of different helplines, most of which revolve around travelling and booking departures via phone, but it is much more than just that.

Expedia Flight Booking Service

If you come across any doubts or questions when it comes to choosing the right hotel or flight, you can always call the Expedia flight booking service number 0203 788 0445. The support staff will do their absolute best to rid you of any issues, and the price of that service will be charged at local rates without any extra costs. Aside from questions, you can also directly change your booking through calling, after you receive all the necessary information beforehand.

Expedia Hotel Booking Service

By dialling the Expedia hotel booking number 0203 788 0445, you will gain access to any type of hotel-related information that you may require. You can choose from thousands of hotel deals from all over the world and easily make bookings by dialling this number. You can also call this number to check whether the hotel has or hasn’t yet accepted your payment and whether your hotel reservation is complete. The operators will also provide you with short descriptions of a few landmarks in the vicinity of your chosen hotel, as well as some more basic information.

Expedia Reservation Service

Also known as the Expedia Holiday Booking service, it is a special Expedia helpline 0203 788 0445. This can also be reached at the Expedia flight booking service number, but it is something completely different. While the flight booking service allows you to change your flight or hotel, the Expedia holiday booking service enables you to obtain information about all the hottest destinations and the best deals, while it also lets you plan out a series of trips from one place to another. It is an all-inclusive Expedia booking experience.

Expedia Car Hire Service

Expedia offers their own rent-a-car option, which can be booked in advance at the desired destination by dialling 0203 788 0445. The operators will tell you the types of cars that stand on offer in the country you will be visiting before they conclude and book your choice. You will be asked how many days you want to be using it, and a place where you will pick up and return it shall be arranged during the call as well.

Expedia Cancellation Service

In case you end up changing your mind about a reservation after you’ve already made it, you can contact the mentioned Expedia cancellations service number 0203 788 0445. The Expedia helpline operators will provide you with quick assistance to resolving this issue. The cancellation service number must be dialled in order to cancel any ordered Expedia service, which includes literally everything on this list.

Expedia Scam Service

In the case of encountering suspicious impostors claiming to work for Expedia and asking for your personal information, you can report this incident by dialling the Expedia phone scam service helpline 0203 788 0445. By reporting such occurrences, you provide the invaluable aid to the Expedia security services, meaning you can influence the reduction of such events to a minimum. Your assistance is expected, encouraged and always welcome. This concludes the list referring to the first service number.

Expedia Nectar Points Service

If you would like to obtain more information about the Expedia special Nectar Points function, you should dial the Expedia Nectar Points service number 0203 027 5943. By booking flights on Expedia’s website, you constantly obtain Nectar points. You primarily need a Nectar card, which you will be prompted to order with a link to the Nectar registration page. Once you have 2000 or more Nectar points, you can redeem them for a discount voucher. Using this Expedia helpline, you can both redeem your voucher and obtain any needed information about spending your Nectar points.

Expedia Cottages Service

Cottages are Expedia’s special field of expertise, aside from hotels and flights. You can dial the number 0345 268 9603 in order to book an Expedia cottage in a chosen location. All the above-mentioned hotel and flight-related service numbers do not account for the cottage support. You need to dial this number no matter what kind of cottage enquiry or issue you may have. All cancellations, payments, booking conditions and other regulations related to cottages can also be provided on this Expedia helpline.

Expedia Contact Details for Complaints Service

Thanks to the experienced and dedicated staff of Expedia’s complaints helpline, every possible trip-related issue and enquiry will be thoroughly addressed. Whether you’re having any sort of pre-trip difficulties, or any unwanted mid-trip occurrences, you’re welcome to dial the Expedia helpline number +44 (0)203 685 2910 and state your complaint. Your issue will be resolved as soon as possible, for the overall convenience of your journey.

Expedia Alternative Free Contact Methods

Expedia Mobile App

Specific Expedia Service Emails

If you would like to report a fraudulent Expedia-related email, you can forward it to Expedia’s anti-scam email address.

If you’re having any post-trip issues that Expedia can assist you in resolving, mostly meaning that your overall travel experience wasn’t quite enjoyable, you can email the address that Expedia uses for this sort of service.

Other Expedia Links

There is a specific program that Expedia’s customers can use without having to send an email in order to report and resolve their issue, called the Resolver, which can be found here.

Sony Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Sony Logo

Sony Free Phone Numbers

Unfortunately, at this time Sony is not providing any free phone number services. All alternative numbers can be found below. You can be certain that charges may apply when you need to contact Sony Service Helpline. For your queries about Sony Mobile, PlayStation or Electronics, you may refer to the next section for the numbers to call and opening hours.

Alternative Sony Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Sony Mobile

Sony Customer Service: Shopping Support

If you need shopping support, contact Sony Customer Service Phone Number 0203 608 7610. For order placement, you can do it on their website by completing the check-out process and following online instructions. You may also check out the frequently asked questions about product information, stock and orders, payment information, delivery and tracking, and product refund or replacement.

Sony Customer Service: Product Support

For product support, dial Sony Customer Service Contact Number 0330 440 2060. You may also find online support for phones, tablets, smart products and accessories via their online support. When you click on each product, you will be directed to the product manual and troubleshooting guideline. It also provides the link so you can update to the latest software for a faster and smoother operation. Sony recommends software update as the quickest and easiest way to solve any potential performance issues.

Sony Mobile Customer Care

If you have questions pertaining to Sony phones, tablets, smart watches and other connected devices, dial Sony Mobile Customer Care Number 0370 523 7237. They are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and every Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Sony PlayStation

For issues with your PlayStation Network account, there is a section on the website that can help you create accounts, solve password issues, or manage sub-accounts, among several others. You can also dial Sony PS4 Warranty Phone Number 0203 538 2665 from Monday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 7 pm if you wish to speak to an expert about PS4 and other PlayStation products.

Sony Electronics

You can also find the answers to any questions about Sony Electronics products including televisions and home cinema, digital imaging, VAIO, audio and much more. You may get in touch with Sony Electronics Phone Number 0207 365 2810 or you may send them a question via the website. Sony is dedicated to providing the support that you need as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Sony Repair Centre

For damaged or defective Sony Xperia devices, use the online repair service because it is recommended to be much simpler and convenient. It is a three-step process that involves selecting your device, describing the problem, and sending the device to Sony. Sony commits to sending it back within 5 to 10 working days. Depending on your warranty, you may or may not pay certain fees for the repair. Prices will be provided after you select your device. Sony uses only genuine replacement parts and original production equipment when repairing defective products. This is to guarantee the highest levels of quality. You can sign in to manage your account and for a more personalised support. You may also contact Sony Repair Centre Number 0370 523 7237 if you are having any problems with submitting information.

Alternative Sony Free Contact Methods

Sony Social Media

Sony Customer Complaints

Sony values all enquiries and feedback. In case you need to delve deeper into your experience with any of Sony products and services, you may call them via the Sony contact details mentioned above or visit their website and submit to them your concern. Or you may try writing to their corporate address indicated below.

Sony Online Support

If you wish to chat with a Sony Xperia expert, you may use their online chat support to find solutions to your queries. If it is already outside their operating hours, you may ask them a question via their online e-mail form or leave a comment so they can get back to you as soon as one of Sony Xperia experts becomes available.

Sony Social Media

Sony is present as well in social media. A growing number of individuals prefer to communicate via social media on their mobile devices. In fact, according to a research published in September 2016 by research and communications agency We are Flint, 84% of all UK adults use social media. On the other hand, two-thirds of UK adults actually use social media every day. If you belong to this group of social media enthusiasts, you may connect with Sony through the following platforms:

(Sony Global)

Sony Chat Support

Another way to connect with Sony is by making use of their online Chat Support. Be ready with your product details and the specifics of your questions. Rest assured that whatever you share online, Sony will only collect data according to what is stated in the Sony legal notice, which includes terms of use and privacy notice.

Sony Support Forum

In this section, you can meet other Sony users and talk about or share your experience with them. Before you start another topic, visit the FAQ section first and check if the answers to your concerns are already available. The forum has a welcome topic part for new users where you can also read the discussion guidelines. Some of the categories in the forum include Sony phones, software and applications, tablets, smart products, accessories, and Sony Xperia in business.

Sony Community

Sony encourages its consumers to share their experience via the Sony Community website. Forums include blog news from Sony, the general chat where you can communicate with other members and share tips and ideas, and the possibilities of home entertainment. Here you can also find posts about cameras and camcorders, PC and eReading, and audio. If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to meet others like you, check out the PlayStation forum. Finally, you may also connect with other Sony Xperia users of smartphones and tablets via the Sony Xperia support forum.

If you have some free time, you may also wish to participate in their survey on how helpful you found the site.

Sony Head Office Contact Details

For your legal, marketing or business concerns, you may get in touch with Sony using the following address:

Local address/registered office:
Sony Europe Limited
The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge,
Surrey, KT13, OXW
UK Licence Number: Companies House Cardiff 2422874

For corporate communications, you may contact Sony Human Resource Contact via e-mail. The names of the members of their management team are indicated on the site. Please note that any enquiry about product support and repair, you should refer to the numbers mentioned above instead.

You can also find the official Sony press releases, latest news and events in this section.

Samsung Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Samsung logo

Samsung Free Phone Number

Samsung office

Samsung Customer Service

The Samsung customer service free number is 0800 995 1079. After an automated machine answers, they will thank you for contacting them. Then a customer service agent is usually immediately available to help you resolve your concerns. Consequently, calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Samsung Mobile Support

You may also try calling Samsung Mobile Support 0800 988 0123. If the answering machine informs you that they will not be available to answer your call, they will redirect you to their website for possible answers to your questions. If there is an emergency query or Samsung tech support that you need help with, you may press 1 and leave a voice message and they will respond to you as soon as possible.

Alternative Samsung Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Samsung Alternative Contact DetailsSamsung Helpline Support

There are many ways to contact Samsung. You may call Samsung Helpline Support Number 0330 726 7864 (0330 SAMSUNG) from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. Press Option 6 to be transferred directly to customer services. This is also the number for B2B and print support.

Samsung Online Shop Support

For new and existing orders, you may get in touch with Samsung Online Shop Support Number 0330 726 7467 (0330 SAMSHOP). Check out the Shopping and Delivery FAQs for more information about their products and services. If you are enquiring about Samsung Galaxy Helpline, for example, you can read about the kind of insurance offered with the device, how long it will take you to receive the product after ordering, or the accessories compatible with the device. The FAQs also discuss issues about mobile care, cancellation and return, shipping, payment, and Samsung account.

Samsung Complaint Department

For complaints about any of Samsung’s products and services, you may get in touch with their Samsung executive office. Dial Samsung Complaint Department 0330 726 3932 and be ready with the details of your concern to avoid unnecessary delays. You may also try using the Samsung Free Phone Number indicated in the previous section.

Samsung Corporate Contacts

Dial Samsung Head Office UK 0193 245 5000 if you wish to contact their corporate office. You can also call the same number if you are interested in pursuing a career with the company.

Samsung Support Centre

Some of the support categories that you can check out first on the site before your visit include setting up, data transfer, accessories, repairs, software updates, and cracked screen repair. If you cannot find the centre nearest you, you may call Samsung Support Centre Number 0330 726 7864 (0330 SAMSUNG) to get the assistance that you need.

Alternative Samsung Free Contact Methods Online

Samsung Support

Samsung SmartThings Support

This section of the website allows you to discover what the SmartThings App is capable of and how you can maximise your SmartThings hub. You are probably confused with the technical aspects of your device. SmartThings Support will allow you to explore troubleshooting tips and information about how to connect and reset compatible or connected products. You can also browse through the articles about SmartThings to get started or check out the section’s FAQs for general questions, account management, shop questions, mobile presence, smart locks, and much more.

You may also e-mail them and a member of the SmartThings Support staff will try to get back to you as soon as possible. In addition, you may reach them on a live chat between 10 am and 7 pm.

Samsung Online Support

There is an open e-mail form on the website that allows customers to request for technical support on specific products and services or seek general support about Samsung service centre locations, warranty policy and many others. The website will first ask you to give some details about your query, suggest topics from their FAQs, and it you cannot find what you are looking for, you may proceed to e-mail them using the online form.

The Samsung online support is for both Ireland and UK customers. Aside from your personal details, Samsung will request for the model number of the product in question, serial number, and purchase date. If you need help finding your model number, you can use the help feature on the online form. You may also attach a maximum of 5 files with a total size limit of 10MB.

Samsung Headquarters Address

Alternatively, you may also write to them:

Samsung Customer Support
Selectapost 28
Sheffield, S97 3FJ

Samsung Social Media

Samsung Twitter

Samsung is visible as well in social media due to the fact that social media has been the go to of companies wishing to increase exposure and brand awareness. It also helps them to learn something more about their audience and target market. Similarly, you may also benefit from contacting them via these options especially if you are the interactive type of person and are more comfortable sharing your experiences via social media. Connect with Samsung using any of the following social media networks:

LinkedIn (Samsung Business UK)
Google+ (Samsung Mobile)

Samsung Support Live Chat

Samsung Live Chat

Another way to resolve your technical or general problems is to make use of Samsung Support Live Chat. If they are offline and you can no longer wait for their opening hours, you may send them an e-mail through their online form. It is a three-step process that includes telling Samsung about your query, checking if the FAQs help, and sending an e-mail if no answers can be found.

You can also chat with Samsung via Facebook or Twitter from Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm.

Samsung Support Centre

For Samsung tech support, you may visit their Support Centre and find solutions to whatever help you need by clicking on the map and finding the closest Samsung Support Centre nearest your area. Samsung’s walk-in Support Centres can connect you with trained Samsung technicians anytime without the need for the prior appointment. You can be assured that Samsung technicians are equipped with the right skills to help you with your phone/tablet or wearable queries.

Samsung Community

Samsung Community allows you to chat with other users and discover the world of Samsung. You can join the conversations to share your experience or get tips and advice. The site has more than 60,000 members and more than 140,000 posts as of this writing. Some of the topics discussed include posts about smartphones, tablets and wearables, TV, audio and video, and much more.

Samsung Corporate Contacts

Their corporate address is:

Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd
Samsung House 1000
Hillswood Drive
Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0PS