DVLA Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

DVLA Free Phone Number

The Main DVLA free contact number is 0800 032 5202 – this number is the main DVLA customer service number for enforcement. This includes reporting untaxed and dumped automobiles.

In order to successfully contact DVLA using this free number, you must first:

  • Use a mobile device or your home telephone
  • Dial the number.
  • Wait for the automated system to begin speaking
  • Choose from a handful of options
  • If all else fails, just simply press “0” from the beginning

This number can be the switchboard main number too. When you dial the DVLA free phone number you will be able to get any question answered.

Other DVLA Phone Numbers and Information

The numbers listed below can also be used to contact DVLA. However, most of them are not free and charges vary from provider to provider. Be sure to check the charges with your service provider beforehand.

DVLA Customer Service Phone Number

The DVLA contact number 0300 790 6802 is reserved for speaking with the customer care department in order to make enquiries about vehicle registration and log books.

You can also use this number to discuss a variety of topics with DVLA customer service including:

  • Getting a V5C vehicle registration certificate for your vehicle.
  • General enquiries regarding the services offered by DVL
  • Informing DVLA if you are about to sell your vehicle
  • Changing the vehicle details on your V5C
  • Getting personalised vehicle registration numbers
  • Taking off the registration number plate of your vehicle
  • Importing new vehicles into the UK.

To get further information about vehicle registration and V5C certificates within the UK, visit the government website.

Continuous Registration Enforcement Centre Hotline

To reach the continuous registration enforcement centre or make a payment to the DVLA, customers should call the DVLA UK customer service number 0300 790 6808.

When you call this number, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork, ready, including license numbers and your driver details so you save as much of your time as possible.

You should also remember to be patient throughout the procedure as you wait for the DVLA to process your request.

DVLA Vehicle Enquiry

If you need information regarding vehicle tax or SORN, call the DVLA phone number for vehicle enquiry 0300 790 6802.

Through this number, you can reach customer care, with whom you can discuss getting vehicle tax, making a SORN, checking if your vehicle, or any other vehicle, really. Is taxed, help regarding payments and getting refunded for past payments.

If you need more information regarding SORN and vehicle tax, visit the government website.

Vehicle License Application & SORN Declaration

For further information regarding Vehicle License Application and SORN Declaration, you can reach the DVLA helpline through the number 0300 123 4321 or, alternatively, you can visit their website.

DVLA Driver Enquiries

General enquiries can be made through the number 0300 790 6801. These include

  • If you’re having trouble with online application
  • Ordering forms online from the DVLA website
  • Tracking your driving license application
  • Viewing your driving license information (eg. expiration date)
  • Applying for a driving license
  • Making changes in the details on your driving license, including; address, name, date of birth.
  • Replacing a stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed driver’s license
  • Renewing your driver’s license

Additional information regarding various driver enquiries is provided on the web page.

DVLA Medical Enquiries Contact Phone Number

For queries regarding medical issues for, exclusively, the driving of cars and motorcycles, contact the DVLA medical centre on their public hotline 0300 790 6806. The line is generally open from 8 AM – 5.30 PM between Mondays and Fridays and 8 AM – 1 PM on Saturdays.

Through this number, you can discuss issues like whether it’s legal or safe to drive with a certain medical condition or disability. If you are applying for your driver’s license informing the first time, ensure you inform them about an existing medical condition, if you have one. The same procedure is to be followed if reapplying for the license. If you need more information regarding how you can contact the DVLA medical centre, visit this link.

DVLA Customer Helpline Number

For queries pertaining to driving with medical issues for larger vehicles, eg. buses, coaches, and lorries contact the DVLA customer service number 0300 790 6807.

This number can also be used for a variety of purposes in discussing driving issues with the driving experts. These include:

  • Driving with a medical condition or disability
  • Informing the DVLA about your health conditions
  • Reapplying for a license following a change in medical condition.

For more information regarding driving whilst having medical issues or disabilities, visit the DVLA website.

DVLA Driving License and Driver Check Enquiries

If you want to check someone else’s license information, you first have to get permission from them and acquire a code or phrase that you will need later on.

Afterwards, you can either call the number 0300 790 6802 or visit the DVLA website and follow the instructions given. The website is located at this link.

DVLA Swansea

To reach the DVLA customer relations department at their local office, contact the DVLA customer assist helpline at the Swansea phone number 0300 790 6809.

With one exception, this number can be used for all general queries. The exception to the rule is customising your number plate. In order to customise your registration plate, you have to call the DVLA number 0300 123 0883 and inform the customer care department of your requirements and choice. They will proceed to detail the necessary steps you need to take before being authorised with the go-ahead.

DVLA Welsh Helpline Numbers, Vehicle Tax Helpline

If you need to make an enquiry in Welsh, you have nothing to worry about. DVLA Welsh helpline 0300 790 6819 is a daily service from which you can make all your enquiries and get the necessary assistance.

Alternatively, customers who cannot speak English can also visit the website if they need to make enquiries about vehicle tax and registration or make enquiries about driving licenses and driving with medical issues.

Alternatively, you can fill up an online form and send an email to the DVLA customer care department at this link.

DVLA Courts Section Contact Number

You can contact the DVLA Courts Department by calling 0300 123 0792. A variety of services is offered through this number, including obtaining a duplicate license over the phone without running the risk of your driver’s license being revoked.

DVLA Online Licence Renewal

If your license is close to expiry and you need to renew it, DVLA makes it possible to renew it from the comfort of your home.

To get assistance on the DVLA license renewal process, you can call the phone number

DVLA license renewal number 0300 123 0815. The customer service team should assist you through the process of either locating the closest office or renewing your license online.

DVLA Driving Test Contact Telephone Number

If you need information regarding driving tests or any topic regarding the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to get the information you require. For information regarding driving tests, you can also visit their website.

To get more information regarding the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) tests you can visit this page.

DVSA Contact Number and MOT

In order to make MOT, vehicle testing, and approval enquiries, you should contact the DVSA through the number 0300 123 9000

If you prefer, you can also write them an email and send it over. The website also details all you may need to know about getting a MOT

DVLA Free Contact Information

DVLA Complaints Department

DVLA Complaint Office

If the service you have been offered by customer care is unsatisfactory or does not fully address all your issues, you can contact the Complaints Department through mail at the postal address. Please be advised that this address will not lead to an immediate response. Expect minimum two weeks from receiving your query to generate a response. Keep all your information accurate so not to get your letter lost in the shuffle. Send complaints to:

Complaints Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL

Or visit the DVLA headquarters office space.

Longview Road, Clase, Morriston, Swansea SA6 7JL

The last alternative approach is to visit their website and fill up an online form and send them an email at this link.

Social Media Contacts

DVLA has made it possible for you to get quick information and even answers using social media communication. If you aren’t a fan of official channels like using the DVLA contact numbers or the address and prefer to reach out to them on social media, their contacts are listed below:

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